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My grant application fails, now what?

If you have gone through all the steps on the Fluvius website and your application cannot be processed? If so, it is best to contact Fluvius via the general number or make a complaint on their website.

Please note that a solar panel grant cannot be applied for in the following situations:

  1. It is a new build home
  2. You do not yet have a digital meter
  3. Your solar panels are not yet registered
  4. The registration of your solar panels has not yet been processed by Fluvius

More info here.

Eco technics - zonnepanelen, groene energie

AREI Testing

Every installation must be inspected. Do you have questions about your inspection? Then take a quick look under this category to see if your question is included.
Eco technics - zonnepanelen, groene energie


You produce your own green energy. This must be reported to the grid operator Fluvius. If you have questions about this, you can surely find them under this category.
Eco technics - zonnepanelen, groene energie


Under this category, discover answers to general questions related to your installation.
Eco technics - zonnepanelen, groene energie


Every PV system has an inverter. The inverter works fully automatically and is maintenance-friendly. Questions related to your inverter can certainly be found under this category.
Eco technics - zonnepanelen, groene energie

Registration and Premiums

Find out questions related to registering your solar panels and obtaining any premiums here. Discover the answers to your questions here.


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