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You can consult the regulations regarding the digital meter at any time on the Fluvius website.

Through this link you will already find some additional information.

Absolutely, this is certainly possible if your inverter is equipped with a WIFI module. Most inverters include a WIFI module.

However, we always recommend wired connection of the inverter to the Internet as this is the most reliable.

The solar panel inverter is a fully automatic device. One of the many advantages to a solar installation is that it is very low maintenance and requires no attention.

When sufficient sunlight or daylight is available during the morning, the inverter will start up, the unit goes through some safety tests and then will start up and produce electricity.

When grid electricity is lost, the inverter will detect this and shut down for safety reasons. It will self-detect when electricity is present again so it can reboot.

When during the evening there is not enough sunlight or daylight left, the inverter will shut itself down. The electricity you then consume comes from the grid or possibly a battery.

This can be because of several reasons. One of the most evident reasons is that, for example, you need inverter power that does not exist in a three-phase version.

Some manufacturers only produce three-phase inverters from a certain power rating.

If you have gone through all the steps on the Fluvius website and your application cannot be processed? If so, it is best to contact Fluvius via the general number or make a complaint on their website.

Please note that a solar panel grant cannot be applied for in the following situations:

  1. It is a new build home
  2. You do not yet have a digital meter
  3. Your solar panels are not yet registered
  4. The registration of your solar panels has not yet been processed by Fluvius

More info here.

No problem! It is the inspection date that is important to the amount of your grant. Even if your digital meter won’t come until 2023, the value of your grant is determined by the inspection date on the inspection certificate.

Fluvius will provide your G number once the installation is fully registered. You can track the status of your file at any time via the link in the email Fluvius sent you.

You must also have a digital meter, Fluvius will automatically provide you with a letter for this.

The G number is the identification number of your installation / file with Fluvius.

Please note that this is not the same as the EAN number.

After all the administrative steps have been completed, Fluvius will pay out your grant. This may take some time, so keep in mind that you will not have it in your account a few weeks after the installation of your solar panels 😉.

The value of your grant will be determined based on the date your solar panels were inspected. This date is indicated on the inspection report and will be processed by Fluvius in their systems.

Due to the many PV installations, processing time is increasing at Fluvius. Currently, you can expect a processing time of 5 months. The staff at Fluvius will do their best to process your file as quickly as possible.

This is not mandatory. If you have a digital meter, you will be reimbursed for the electricity you will inject into the grid.

So be sure to check if your energy supplier will reimburse you for this and, if necessary, sign a contract to be reimbursed for the injected power.

You can easily find the best supplier through the V-test. 🤝


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