Together for green energy

Eco technics was born out of a belief in a green future.

In 2007, Eco Technics was founded by Wim Eelen and Bart Van Loy. Out of enthusiasm, conviction and belief in a green future. The company was created after Wim and Bart installed solar panels on the roof of Wim’s private home, long before the high demand for solar panels. Both strongly believed in renewable energy.

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Solar panels a powerful story

Independent electrician Bart’s expertise and Wim’s green drive made Eco Technics a success! The focus was primarily on generating electricity from renewable sources. Wind energy did not appear to be an obvious option given the long lead time and permitting procedures. Solar panels, on the other hand, were a match made in heaven. Bart’s electrical background provided a strong pillar within Eco Technics from the start. Building a solar panel system also involves a construction aspect. This together with Wim’s commercial drive immediately provided the second strong pillar within Eco Technics. With the first class team we have at Eco Technics today, we make every job our mission to satisfy customers with their solar panel investment.

Our strengths

In-house team of expert mechanics, high quality and durable materials

With their in-house team of expert mechanics, high quality and durable materials as well as fast and punctual installation, Eco Technics soon became a resounding name in the world of solar panels.

Eco Technics believes that there is a suitable solution for every roof construction! Eco Technics offers an investment with perspective.

We will always strive for quality, service, optimum value for money and maximum customer satisfaction.

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And the future?
We believe it will be very green!

Meanwhile, we have been around for more than 15 years, and the team continues to evolve, innovate and keep up with the latest developments.

Our History

The beginning of Eco Technics

Own house
There was an eagerness and curiosity to install solar panels. So let's test that first on ourselves!
First office
Solar panels were gradually becoming a known concept to everyone. Demand increased and so did the team. Eco Technics moved to the offices on the Veldstraat in Brecht, Belgium.
1000th installation
A fabulous moment. Blood, sweat and tears, but with our fantastic team, the 1000th installation became a reality.
Move in new buildings
In 2017, Eco Technics moved to the new offices and warehouses on the Ringlaan in Brecht, Belgium.
Launch of our DIY kits
In 2020, we launched something new at Eco Technics. Customers who want to build their own installation can rely on a customized DIY kit put together by the experts within Eco Technics.
Installation DC fast charger
2022 was the year of speed, not only did demand for solar panels rise at an unprecedented rate. Charging electric cars was also lightning fast thanks to the installation of a DC fast charger. The first in history at Eco Technics.
The fouding of Eco Technics
The installation of the first solar panels was a success. Wim and Bart decided to officially found Eco Technics in 2007. HOORAY!
First big project
The demand for industrial projects came quickly. Thanks to the strong electrical pillar within Eco Technics, we accepted the challenge and the first industrial project became an immediate success. Many more followed...
Purchase of industrial land
In 2015, we invested in a major milestone. The purchase of industrial land in Brecht, Belgium.
Installation first public charging station
In 2019, we installed the first public charging station. The public charging station allowed anyone with a charge card to recharge their car for a fee.
Construction Start New Building Eco Technics
Eco Technics is growing and to support that growth we are building new offices and warehouses on the Ringlaan in Brecht, Belgium. For those who thought: didn't that already happen in 2017? Absolutely, but there was a quick need for a larger location. We hope to welcome you to our new location soon.
Eco Technics team

Our craftsmen and women


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