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Absolutely, this is certainly possible if your inverter is equipped with a WIFI module. Most inverters include a WIFI module.

However, we always recommend wired connection of the inverter to the Internet as this is the most reliable.

The solar panel inverter is a fully automatic device. One of the many advantages to a solar installation is that it is very low maintenance and requires no attention.

When sufficient sunlight or daylight is available during the morning, the inverter will start up, the unit goes through some safety tests and then will start up and produce electricity.

When grid electricity is lost, the inverter will detect this and shut down for safety reasons. It will self-detect when electricity is present again so it can reboot.

When during the evening there is not enough sunlight or daylight left, the inverter will shut itself down. The electricity you then consume comes from the grid or possibly a battery.

This can be because of several reasons. One of the most evident reasons is that, for example, you need inverter power that does not exist in a three-phase version.

Some manufacturers only produce three-phase inverters from a certain power rating.

Restarting your inverter can be useful sometimes when there is a malfunction or communication error.

It doesn’t cause any harm and is not difficult, just follow these steps.

  1. You turn off the solar panel fuse in the fuse box
  2. Flip the DC switch at the inverter so that it is set to “zero”
    1. Your inverter doesn’t have a DC switch? Then you can pull down a black “cap”, it detaches from the inverter
  3. Wait about 5 minutes
  4. Now repeat the steps in reverse order and wait a moment for the inverter to reboot.

SMA STP DC switch SMA Sunny Boy DC switch SMA Sunny Boy DC switch

When your inverter has a red LED on, it means something is wrong. There could be several issues. Most installations are connected via the Internet to the inverter manufacturer’s monitoring platform.

On a rainy day it is best to wait until the weather improves, if the malfunction is gone then your installation is dealing with an insulation fault. In that case, please contact Eco Technics.

If you do not notice anything abnormal right away and the inverter fuse is on, it is best to contact Eco Technics.

Absolutely, it’s best to look in your inverter manual to find out the definition of the lights. If you don’t get your head around it, email and be sure to include a photo.

Did you know that with most SMA inverters, while the inverter is turned on, the green light gently goes on and off? And that the blue light displays that it is connected to the Internet?

Some inverters include a fan for cooling the inverter. You may hear it humming when the inverter is operating.

When the inverter converts electricity from the solar panels to usable electricity (DC to AC), your inverter may make a humming noise.

When the inverter starts up or goes into sleep mode, you may hear a few “clicks”. This is normal, inside the inverter is some kind of switch that opens or closes when the inverter connects to the grid.


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