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AREI Testing

No, this is not the case. When you order solar panels from Eco Technics, the inspection is included in the negotiated price.

ACEG is the party we work with for the inspection of your solar panels. ACEG may send a confirmation email of the appointment.

Are you not sure about the mail? Then don’t open it and give one of our staff members or the ACEG office a call. We’d be happy to help you.😉

Eco Technics will provide all data to the inspection organization on your behalf. You only need to be present during the inspection and allow the inspector access to the electrical installation and solar panel inverter. The inspector may take some measurements and the electricity may be briefly interrupted.

The single-wire diagram contains all the essentials representing the details of the PV installation. This schedule is prepared by Eco Technics before the inspection of the solar panels can take place.

The single-wire diagram will be delivered by Eco Technics directly to the inspection organization.

Once the solar panels are installed by Eco Technics, an Eco Technics electrician will connect the inverter to the electrical board. As soon as these works are completed, we automatically schedule the AREI inspection.

It is the inspection body that Eco Technics designates that will make an appointment with you.

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