Industrial Battery Storage

Industrial Battery Storage

An investment tailored to your business

As a company, investing in industrial battery storage is not an everyday expense. Thus, a lot of energetic, financial and safety aspects come up where proper guidance is key to success. If you already have a solar panel installation in place, the next step for your business might be an industrial battery.

Flexibility, openness and independence are at the heart of the battery story at Eco Technics. We offer a solution with perspective and are happy to look at which system we best implement for you based on your connection, energy consumption and investment strategy.

Battery storage for companies

The profitability of an industrial battery rests on a few key pillars. It is not always possible to achieve the most favorable results within each business case on all pillars. Therefore, a thorough analysis is very important.

Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven

Increasing self-consumption

If you already have solar panels installed and a certain amount of the electricity generated is injected, an industrial battery can increase your self-consumption. The impact of this depends on remaining power consumption and the amount of power injected.

Please note that you will no longer inject the energy flowing to the battery at that time, therefore you will not receive an injection fee for this. So the profit is in the purchase price (€/MWh) - injection fee (€/MWh)
Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven
Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven

Peak Shaving

An industrial battery allows you to save on the capacity tariff. This applies to both low-voltage and medium-voltage connections.

The potential savings depend on the power your company effectively draws from the grid. We find out these details by analyzing the quarter-hourly measurement data.
Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven
Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven

Arbitrage Day-Ahead

Do you have a dynamic energy contract? Then your industrial battery can self-select when energy will be deliberately taken from the grid to get through the more expensive times of the day. Energy prices for the next 24 hours are usually known around noon the day before. The battery's smart algorithm then chooses for itself what is the wisest choice.
Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven
Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven


The mains frequency in Europe is 50Hz. This number is very important and must be within strict standards at all times. Elia watches over grid frequency in Belgium. When there is too much energy on the grid, the frequency will increase, which is not good. Too little energy, in turn, can cause a frequency dip to follow. With the industrial battery, you can co-support the frequency on the grid. For this, you make the power of your battery system available to Elia at certain hours. We cluster your battery with other batteries in Belgium so they can act in group and maximize profits. You maintain flexibility and are not tied to your energy supplier.
Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven
Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven


The failure of a power plant, sudden weather change or unplanned high demand for energy can cause an oversupply or shortage of energy in the market.

An industrial battery can anticipate this and inject into the grid or take energy from the grid at those specific times. Assessing these situations is the key to a successful business model. To this end, we are collaborating with partners who are already operating large-scale battery parks in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. This way you are sure of your investment and don't have to worry about the battery system.
Industriële Batterijopslag voor bedrijven

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