Waterland investment fund plunges into solar panel installers

“Renewable energy installer Team Green joins group ADW Eco-Technics “

Lokeren, 20/03/2024 – Team Green, an installer with 17 years of experience in renewable energy systems is moving forward with like-minded Eco Technics and roofing group ADW-Adidak, supported by Waterland’s strategic vision.

A rich history and in-depth knowledge

The integration of Team Green symbolizes a strategic move toward providing a full spectrum of renewable energy solutions such as solar panels, battery storage and charging stations. Team Green, formed from the earlier merger of the companies founded in 2006

Waterland-Eco-Technics-Team-Green-solar panels
Waterland-Eco-Technics-Team-Green-solar panels

Solarroof and Solar Constructs (with subsidiaries Charge4u and S4Charge), brings with it a rich history and deep knowledge in the field.

ADW Eco Technics, an amalgamation of Eco Technics and the roofing group ADW – Adidak – Aditoit, has a long history of excellence in the installation of flat roofs and renewable energy systems, both with individuals but especially with businesses. They merged last year at the initiative of the Waterland Strategic Investment Fund.



Similar ambitions

Because of the similar growth ambitions and the strong complementarity between the companies, Team Green now joins this group. Through this collaboration, they aim to serve existing and new customers even better with a joint offering in the areas of insulation, roofing & renewable energy solutions. In addition, the group has ambitious national and international ambitions to add additional complementary companies within the sector to the group in order to further expand and strengthen the group.

The day-to-day operation of the various companies will not change as a result; the existing management team will remain on board. In implementing this growth strategy, existing values, ways of working and relationships will remain central.

Combining these skills and knowledge is necessary to maintain a competitive position in this rapidly evolving market. The group pools more than 40 years of experience and represents 80 million euros in sales. Thanks to the efforts of more than 200 employees, the group can offer total projects from A to Z.


Together we play a central role

Wim Eelen (Eco Technics ADW) : “Together with Team Green, we want to play a central role in the energy transition, both for individuals and companies. Our relevant expertise can be bundled together to further unburden our customers. Thanks to Team Green’s strong anchoring in the provinces of East and West Flanders, the group is now able to serve customers throughout Flanders.”


Laurenz Sabbe and Henk van Laere (Team Green): “The partnership with Eco Technics ADW can help us realize the next growth steps with a more diversified service offering. The wave of consolidation in our sector is in full swing and we have been fully committed to this in recent years. With Waterland at our side, we are now further putting the turbo on growth.”

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