Is your company required to install solar panels by 2025?

Solar panels mandatory for businesses with high electricity consumption

Companies with an annual electricity consumption of more than 1GWh fall under the Flemish government’s new obligation to install a minimum share of solar panels by 2025. Specifically, this is the annual amount of electricity measured per EAN offtake point. It is estimated that about a 2,500 companies will have to take concrete actions to conform to the new obligation.

Commitment in several stages

The government imposes the obligation within three steps. This gives your company time to be in compliance with the new law by next deadlines.


  1. By 30/07/2025, you must provide at least 12.5Wp / m² roof area of solar panels
  2. By 01/01/2030, your company will have to count 18.75Wp / sq. m. of roof area of solar panels
  3. Ultimately, by 01/01/2035, 25Wp/sqm of roof area will need to be covered with solar panels


Under certain conditions, your company can also comply with the imposed measures by implementing other applications.

Companies with large acreages are penalized?

Capping measures were designed to prevent certain companies from having to build a significant installation as a function of their consumption/roof area.

Thus, there is a capping measure as a function of electricity purchases. Thus, the solar panel installation to be installed may be limited to 35% of the electricity offtake at relevant offtake point.

If the grid study by the system operator shows that there are restrictions with respect to the distribution grid and there is a chance that the customer will not be able to fully install his planned installation, the obligation is calculated by means of a capping rule.

My company already invested in a PV system in recent years

Companies that have already invested in a PV installation must also comply with the imposed measures. In many situations, however, one can bill for the existing PV installation within the minimum share to be achieved.

It is very important to consult the manual regarding regulations each time. This manual was developed by VEKA and can be consulted on the website of the Flemish Government.

Penalties for non-compliant companies

Within the draft decree drawn up by the Flemish Government, it defines up to what fines can be demanded as soon as you fail to comply with the legislation in force at the time. Within the draft, there is talk of penalties of up to 400€/kWp of power missing at the time of the obligation.

To avoid potential penalties, it is appropriate to be in order with the minimum share by the three predetermined deadlines, although installing solar panels is always an excellent choice, coupled with a short payback period and a nice financial return.

A great opportunity for your business

The new measure created by the Flemish Government opens a host of new opportunities to arm your company against unstable market situations or a new energy crisis. Thus, we have only seen the profitability of PV installations increase in recent years despite support measures being phased out to virtually zero. To this day, a PV installation is still the cheapest way to produce power thanks to a developed technology and the accumulated expertise of installers like Eco Technics to build the most sustainable systems.

Furthermore, it opens up a whole lot of

perspectives for your company within the energy transition. Thus, strategic commercial battery projects will increase exponentially in the coming years. Can fully utilize self-generated renewable energy to power your fleet of electric commercial vehicles with 100% green energy.

Eco Technics - Solar panels for businesses Group Thys
Eco Technics – Solar panels for businesses Group Thys

The role of Eco Technics

As Eco Technics, with more than 18 years of industry experience, we are a strong partner to walk this framework with. Thus, we are happy to advise you, without obligation, about the possibilities of complying with the new legislation and work out a proposal tailored to your company.

A thorough technical analysis prevents unexpected surprises and efficient handling of your turn-key PV project.

Even if your company does not wish to bear the investment itself, we can offer a 100% OPEX formula where we take on the investment of the PV project with Eco Technics Invest.

After a contractual term of 10 to 15 years, the plant becomes your property.

In short, a customized solution for every business!


Check out the possibilities with Eco Technics!

Check with Eco Technics about the possibilities of installing solar panels at your business!

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